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Budak kelas aku time Di UMS(2005-2008)
Gambar time high School x dlm simpanan Sya skrg!!
Months ago… first time I stepped my feet on the ground, at LCCT International Airport, this was not my dream to work and stay for awhile oversea… well, Sarawak or W.P. Labuan actually, but I got here in Putrajaya . I felt mixed feeling, excited and nervous… Excited because I will experience a lot of new things, people, culture, food, accent, make new semananjung friends, and even the technology… Nervous because I am putting myself to being vulnerable to bad people, People who looking for friends-of-benefit, fight, criminals and etc…

making a new circle of friends was pretty fast and suprisingly easy,some of they interested and anxious about your ethnicity, original home state, and how is it like to live in Sabah…. Etc
I thank God for what I’ve became. I cherished all my days here in in Putrajaya, good and bad times…But still, I will never forget about Sabah, that is where I grew up with my other siblings, loving parents and friends!!
I missed my friends, my besties friends after high school and IPTA!! some days we cherished and sometimes we had our down moments… Shared problems, love life stories, bitching about other people who always insecure of themselves and intimidated by us and made gossips about us, chatted about girl, play games together, Sometimes, we love to watch movies, especially korea movie!! making jokes, and poked fun about those girls we admired, these are the fun part that we enjoyed…. Haaaa!!!! Haaaaa!!!
okay, I stopped here… I will write more…!!!!!
Jauh perjalanan luas pandangan. Kaku berdiri pandanganmu hanya di sini. Pengalaman tidak dapat dibeli dengan wang ringgit...namun wang ringgit dapat membantu untuk mencari pengalaman. Berjalanlah...hayatilah hidup ini sementara masih ada.” Nice word from Apai robot!!!